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·Simple LED linear lamp, using high-quality aluminum alloy profile lamp body, screwless aluminum end cap

·Light line tough and beautiful, has scientific appearance and size ratio, reasonable structure, convenient and flexible installation and maintenance.

·The luminaire combines the innovative direct lighting + indirect lighting lighting , using anti-glare PC cover to control light, anti-glare effect is good, flame-retardant PC grille, the light is uniform and no shadow, the light cover and the lamp body are perfectly combined to make the whole light is more beautiful.

·Cover options: Flame-retardant PC grille / flame-retardant PC lens / flame-retardant PC anti-glare cover. 

· Designed to meet recommended luminance and illuminance requirements for low bay

and task level applications in office, education, health, retail and exhibition.


different linkable shape, "T" ,"X" and “L”,

with LED light/without LED light.

· Modern splicing, make the multi shapes

and beautiful.



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